DVD Video Medium Advanced Course

13 DVD Video Medium Advanced Belgian Course

A super advanced course of the best Italian and Spanish cribs,

13 DVDs in total the best there is in the world as video and audio format and artistic content.

Each DVD lasts 2/4 hours

It is a true professional video course in which everything is explained, with excellent audio and video quality and with 3 professional video cameras, they take the whole course with detail from different angles.



History of the crib
Sketches for nativity scenes
Plan of the cribs
Architectural elements for nativity scenes
Tiles, roof tiles
Slate stone roofs

Volume management
Gypsum technique
Perfectly engraved bricks
Polystyrene technique
Create and glue polystyrene stones impeccably
Plasterboard technique and all its uses in the crib
Crib or oriental diorama coloring
Crib or popular diorama coloring
Cork technique
How to use larch bark with Austrian technhica
make balconies, windows and doors
Special effects
Cork technique
How to make the sky with clouds
Create first, second, third floor
How to color mountains and landscapes in the distance
Tricks how to make a diorama look like a kilometer
Miniature vegetation
Miniature trees
Miniature plants
Create miniature vases
How to paint statues and change them
In addition a dvd how to create miniature meats and objects
More many other highly professional things

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The illustrated techniques will be used to create nativity scenes or dioramas of this quality

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