Italian Nativity Scenes and Dioramas

Italian Nativity Scenes and Dioramas is a collection of photos and videos where you can observe the various styles of famous artists throughout Italy but also in the world.

Among these artists depicts Antonio pigozzi World-renowned artist, Mauro signorelli, the comet star (a group of enthusiasts) another group like Cammino a oriente, Sicilian artist Roberto Vanadia with his very refined style, Roman bertola, Alessandro Martinisi which is an excellent sculptor of statues besides knowing how to make cribs in a unique and refined way with various techniques (he is also a painter so he paints very well) as well as the group of friends of Monte Porzio Catone who are very good and are also a compact group, a Erminio Fracasso is another very good artist in the eastern / Palestinian dioramas with his group GAP are very good with the processing of plaster specifically the rocks.

you just need to enjoy these images in contemplation and with great serenity

The cribs of Roberto Vanadia

Cribs and Dioramas Group walk to the east

The Nativity Scenes by Mauro Signorelli

Cribs of the GAP group of Erminio Fracasso

Nativity scenes and dioramas by Giorgio Lombardi made in DAS

A rather particular technique, creates everything in doors, windows, walls, stones.
The view is instead made with scagliola plaster, while the structures are made of plywood.

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