Musik für die Krippe

A useful and original proposal for music for cribs, theatrical performances, living nativity scenes, Christmas videos: thirteen pieces of music, designed for the various moments and landscapes of the nativity, enriched by sound effects (for example steps, flowing water, animal verses, bells …).

A musical contribution that will certainly be sought after and appreciated, able to promote imagination and fantasy by evoking scenes and atmospheres, also ideal as a Christmas gift. Songs:
  • On the way to the cave (in the player below)
  • Sidereal night
  • Christmas music box
  • Here’s the comet
  • The Three Kings arrive
  • Lullaby in the cave
  • Pastors in celebration
  • Night and day in the crib
  • Gloria in excelsis Deo
  • Frosty night
  • Shepherds dance around the fire
  • Herod’s Soldiers – Angel Flight
  • Sounds for the crib One of the most complete databases of sounds, freely usable to enhance and make your cribs more realistic. Categorized, you can search in English, French, German, and Spanish.

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