Modeo Fabio

Hi, I’m Fabio and welcome to my site.

I was born in 1987 and have always lived in Statte, a small town in the province of Taranto, yes … my creations have their origin in the homeland of Ilva.

I’m a professional nativity scene

for over a decade, through the realization of my works, I have been trying to make my art known all over the world.

In my work I demand perfection and dedication. I lay bare my experience, revealing all its secrets, all this, to encourage the spread of this passion.

I have participated in numerous exhibitions in various regions of Italy:

  • Lazio,
  • Veneto,
  • Lombardia
  • Piemonte e
  • Sicilia.
I am the accomplished creator of “mega dioramas” for the annual Christmas event of the Municipality of Statte “Cribs
in the Caves ”, thanks to this event we have achieved important awards and obtained
the unparalleled regional patronage, which boasts an important title, STATTE PAESE DEI ARTEPHIST.

For four years I have been a founding member of the cultural association “Vivere Bethlehem”, together with others
friends of the crib, we share and make our passion come true.

My path is not limited only to my national territory, my works are requested from all over the world, I only mention a few countries:

  • Spagna,
  • Germania,
  • Austria,
  • Francia e
  • nazioni del Sud America.

I am a sunny boy, meticulous and with a great desire to share and teach this artistic passion.

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