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Below we thought to list the techniques for building nativity scenes and dioramas.
On this site you will find various topics on how to build a nativity scene – diorama.
In detail you will find:

Fabio Modeo experimental techniques:techniques personally tested and extremely innovative. These techniques involve the use of materials that are easy to find, the secret ingredient for using them is pure fantasy. To deepen exhaustively and to make use of explanatory videos I recommend the purchase of my DVD video course.
Dioramas and effects for miniatures Fabio Modeo From time to time I will insert free video tutorials on the construction of natural elements in the diorama.
Tutorials by Lola Temprado Serrano: A series of videos in which the teacher Lola Temprado shows you in a simple and intuitive way, how to make objects and accessories for your nativity scene creations.
How to build a nativity scene: A rich section in which the all-round nativity scene art is explained. The materials to be used are listed, the techniques to be adopted for each process. You will find how to create a third floor of high impact with suggestive bottom, pictorial techniques to obtain the right nuances and effects, how and when to use the various types of polystyrene, how to obtain a wall for the right crib context, how to create vegetation with innovative and simple methodologies (yucca, palm trees, etc.), create tiles to enrich the roofs of houses, how to make changes to the livestock of your crib. , how to get through the position of lights and painting the play of lights and shadows to animate your nativity scene- diorama. To learn the techniques through high-level audio and video explanations purchased my PROFESSIONAL DVD VIDEO COURSES,for each level of learning.

Making the nativity
scene: Making a nativity scene requires a basic knowledge on some fundamental issues for the implementation of your project. First of all you will have to acquire the basic rules of perspective, on this site you will find a large space in which the various theories are expressed to achieve an optimal perspective effect. The nativity scene can be built with various materials, so the site puts at your disposal various sections that illustrate how to create a nativity scene with the use of different materials. A section is dedicated to the construction of a plaster nativity scene, this material, given its characteristics, provides specific precautions. In this section you will also find techniques on how to respect proportions, build a railing, create a cork portal, create paper-rock, specific coloring techniques for the different types of landscapes and sections of your crib. To learn the techniques through high-level audio and video explanations purchase my professional DVD CDs, for each level of learning.

Special effects and electronics in nativity
scenes: Each nativity scene must be equipped with a good electrical system and a good dose of special effects, to give your creation realism and perspective sense. In this section you will find the answers to your questions. Description of alternating or continuous power supply, how to get a fire in your crib in a simple way and with the use of materials that are easy to find, such as making a fire of embers, how to get the smoke effect typical of fire, how to enter the stars, moon and clouds in your sky, thanks to optical fibers, how to create a snowy nativity scene and therefore simulate the snow effect , how to create a sea or other aquatic mirrors in a simple and realistic way. To learn the techniques through high-level audio and video explanations purchase my professional DVD CDs,for each level of learning.

Objects and accessories : If you
don’t know how to adorn your nativity scene, my site offers you a section that will provide you with the right solutions. You will find the creations with attached photographic ideas by Anna Arminio, the creations of the craftsman Gianluca Sorgente, explanations on how to create baskets and miniatures of all kinds.
Learn how to build a nativity

scene: On the site there is a large section in which specific nativity scenes are explained in detail such as, Gypsum creation with different techniques, how to select the right style for your nativity scene, how to designate a design draft of a nativity scene, how to illuminate a diorama or nativity scene and how to get the alternation of the 4 phases of the day, how to use porex , how to create an entirely cork nativity scene, insights on polystyrene, gypsum and vegetation. In particular, in this section you will find the realization of the agave, trees, the coloring and realization of stones with the use of different materials and much and much more. To learn the techniques through high-level audio and video explanations purchase my professional DVD CDs, for each level of learning.
Free video tutorials on how to get terracotta statues: To give the soul to our nativity scene are the statues, for this reason I offer on my site the opportunity to find a section dedicated to the creation of terracotta figurines, complete with free and level videos.

Materials and tools for the nativity
scene: In order to create a nativity scene, it is essential to have the right materials and tools available. In order to use them you need to have a basic knowledge of them and know the right techniques to make the best use of them. On my website there is a special section where you will find all the materials and tools necessary to give vit to your nativity scene. To learn the techniques through high-level audio and video explanations purchase my professional DVD CDs, for each level of learning.
Architectural structures in the nativity

scene: The history of art studied among the school desks offers us a smattering of the different architectural structures, but after a basic knowledge it is necessary to learn the right techniques in order to realize them, for this reason I have created a section dedicated entirely to the various architectural structures used in dioramas and nativity scenes. You will understand how and when to prefer one structure over another, than materials to use to achieve a better effect, what techniques to adopt in order to achieve a realistic and high-impact effect.

Rocks and
mountains: On the site you will find two distinct sections dedicated to the creation of rocks and mountains. You can use foam rubber, gypsum and yuta technique, you will choose the most suitable technique. In this section you will find the various types of coloring to be adopted for your rock systems. The most suitable coloring is that which involves the use of pigments or earths as examples


With the addition of a binder such as rabbit glue.
You will find a wide description that will allow you to achieve satisfactory results, but if you want to achieve excellent results I recommend the purchase of my PROFESSIONAL DVD VIDEOSCOURSES, suitable for every level of aptitude.

Water in the Nativity Scene: This section will guide you in the construction of fountains with the use of specific pumps suitable for this type of realizations. You will find techniques on how to make rivers, resins and waterfalls with appropriate uses of materials and specific methodologies.

On the site you will find the techniques to obtain molds with precision and excellent aesthetic result – realistic. The molds concern architectural structures, rocky systems and can be obtained with plasticine, plaster or clay. To learn the techniques through high-level audio and video explanations purchase my professional DVD CDs, for each level of learning.

Here are all the articles dedicated to techniques to build a nativity scene:

Diorama by Marco Pastorino

Diorama by Marco Pastorino Early stages of reproduction We begin to assemble and the final result is already visible   Photos of the completed work Spectacular work completed, as you can see the ivy is also used an ivy DioramaPresepe with roots always marked DioramaPresepe LINK PRODUCTS TO BUY TO RECREATE AN IVY OR HEDGE […]

Alex La Torre – Rail modeling guides and dioramas of all kinds

Alex La Torre – Rail modeling guides and dioramas of all kinds Hello everyone! My name is Alex La Torre and I am a fan of modelling in particular of firmdellism. I decided to open the youtube channel with the aim of spreading my passion for railway modeling and beyond. In this channel you will […]

Materials and tools for the crib

Once a nativity scene is established in our mind, the phase of materials and tools recovery starts. It usually starts with the shaping of cardboard or other recycled material. The following images show some materials that are used in the creation of the crib, that is: different types of wood as plywood wine baskets and […]

The perspective in the crib

Perspective is an essential element in a nativity scene because it gives it a sense of distance and depth as we observe it. To highlight this aspect it is necessary that in the crib there is only one point of view and that the height of vision can make our eyes coincide with the eyes […]

The architectural structures in the crib

Preparation and preparation of the architectural structure of a crib To make a solid and weather resistant crib, it is essential that all the components of the work are firmly fixed to a base, generally obtained from a plywood or multilayer. This supporting structure has both a delimiting function and also plays an excellent role […]

The rocks in the crib

In almost all the cribs that reproduce landscapes there are rocks. In a nativity scene, rock means small pebbles or rocky walls of a much larger size. There are several ways to reproduce rocky landscapes the easiest is to collect in nature, rock fragments of various sizes, or stones of any shape and insert them […]

The mountains in the cribs

The mountains are the background of most cribs and are found in the final part, the one furthest from the observer. To create mountain ranges it is necessary to follow the environmental and nativity project we have set ourselves. Usually the technique to reproduce them is that which involves the use of yuta or sterile […]

Color the crib

The coloring of the crib represents the most arduous and delicate phase of all our work, but at the same time it is the one that gives us the most satisfaction. The selection of colors is based on the permeability of what we are going to color. The colors that can be used are of […]

Illuminate the crib

In this section I will describe how to obtain natural lighting, such as to simulate the most suitable sunlight for nativity scenes with static lighting, the aforementioned technique will be applied to works such as dioramas, or crib scenes. Each crib needs its own light in relation to the scene represented, the time of day […]