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Materials and tools for the crib

Once a nativity scene is established in our mind, the phase of materials and tools recovery starts. It usually starts with the shaping of cardboard or other recycled material. The following images show some materials that are used in the creation of the crib, that is: different types of wood as plywood wine baskets and […]

The perspective in the crib

Perspective is an essential element in a nativity scene because it gives it a sense of distance and depth as we observe it. To highlight this aspect it is necessary that in the crib there is only one point of view and that the height of vision can make our eyes coincide with the eyes […]

The architectural structures in the crib

Preparation and preparation of the architectural structure of a crib To make a solid and weather resistant crib, it is essential that all the components of the work are firmly fixed to a base, generally obtained from a plywood or multilayer. This supporting structure has both a delimiting function and also plays an excellent role […]

The rocks in the crib

In almost all the cribs that reproduce landscapes there are rocks. In a nativity scene, rock means small pebbles or rocky walls of a much larger size. There are several ways to reproduce rocky landscapes the easiest is to collect in nature, rock fragments of various sizes, or stones of any shape and insert them […]

The mountains in the cribs

The mountains are the background of most cribs and are found in the final part, the one furthest from the observer. To create mountain ranges it is necessary to follow the environmental and nativity project we have set ourselves. Usually the technique to reproduce them is that which involves the use of yuta or sterile […]

Color the crib

The coloring of the crib represents the most arduous and delicate phase of all our work, but at the same time it is the one that gives us the most satisfaction. The selection of colors is based on the permeability of what we are going to color. The colors that can be used are of […]

Illuminate the crib

In this section I will describe how to obtain natural lighting, such as to simulate the most suitable sunlight for nativity scenes with static lighting, the aforementioned technique will be applied to works such as dioramas, or crib scenes. Each crib needs its own light in relation to the scene represented, the time of day […]

Crib molds

In this article we discuss the various techniques related to crib molds. Crib molding technique Ancient technique and simple execution, consisting of elementary passages, executed with specific tools such as plaster, latex or clay. The artists prefer it to get perfect copies such as low reliefs, sculptures but also parts of the human body. Here […]

Create water in the crib

With the approach of Christmas, everyone strives to build a very personal crib, the almost omnipresent element is the river with an adjacent waterfall. Now I will give you tips on how to make a crib with a waterfall in a simple and inexpensive way. Need to create water in the crib: Before starting, you […]

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