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New April 2016 DVD Video Super Professional Course
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An innovative video course composed of 20 DVDs containing detailed footage, able to enhance all the details of the nativity scenes.
In This course you can discover:

The most modern and innovative techniques of presepismo;
Detailed insights (for example on the different types of third floors or the final part of the diorama, containing mountains built with precise techniques, the sky and the clouds wisely painted and blurred accurately);
Tested and documented techniques
 Step by step complete and easy to learn

Hello friends, after 3 years of hard work and sacrifice, I am pleased to present the last video of my course formed by 20 DVDs.
All DVDs and all the filming are brand new and unpublished, you can not find them around the web!
A new and engaging experience, in which you will find INNOVATIVE and experimental techniques, starting from the colouring, with super detailed and precise lessons, techniques experienced personally and therefore never documented in other videos.
Insights and practical explanations on how to make different types of third floors; How to paint them according to the landscape you want to represent (popular, Palestinian, arid desert, Snowy and other).
In the section below you will find the description of the various super professional lessons.
Remember that for more understanding are present strengthening subtitles, so nothing will seem hard and difficult!
The video quality of the course is superb, in fact to ensure an optimum visualization, a camcorder with a resolution of 42 megapixels has been used.

Arguments of the video course
Advanced Plaster Processing:

Build dry stone walls with plaster (special technique)
Building houses, walls, buildings in general with chalk technique (special innovative engraving technique)

Building caves, rocks and third floors/professional panorama

Build cave, rock rocky roads and many other variations of rock
Build third floor or panorama with the sea and mountainous, Rocky Mountains and other types of third floor in a super detailed way.

Innovative Techniques Extruded Polystyrene

Technique of extruded polystyrene (new technique tested by me)
Make polystyrene houses, make dry stone walls (special innovative technique never seen before) you will love it so much and will serve you to improve your technique!!!
Objects of various kinds
Small cottages and more…

Objects in general detailed

How to make doors in balsa with special colouring, technique unpublished by me idealized
How to create vases with wood and fabric support (very oriental)
Create wooden scaffolding as in photos.
Create straw roofs with a new technique
How to insert the statues in a correct way, with secrets and tricks suggested by me

So many other things…

Special coloring

How to color with different techniques innovative 7 types of walls of dwellings with stones and plaster, using various methodologies (a real novelty)

This section will tickla your imagination and your desire to create, as it is full of brand new techniques, never seen before!

Coloring rocks with new and experimental techniques!

Coloring third-floor professional

Coloring of as many as 6 thirds floors or panorama (mountains, lakes, landscapes for an extraordinary effect)

Don't miss this lesson, you will learn techniques and secrets, to achieve exceptional and highly professional results!
Small note: There are lessons on how to make a panorama snowy, desert, Mountain, with the sea, Palestinian, but the gem of the lesson is the realization of a landscape with the sunset colorful, then will be unveiled techniques to get lights and effects Details.
I advise you not to miss this opportunity!

Special vegetation
Those who know my works know that one of the highlights is my rigorous and lush vegetation, so you will find professional lessons, detailed explanations how to make olive trees, cypress trees, maritime pines, various herbs, plants and much more to make the Your unique and wonderful work!
There are so many other things to discover in the various hours of video course!!!
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or by contacting me at my phone number with calls, SMS, WhatsApp to Num 3453409458
I am available at any time of the day, so do not hesitate to contact me also for explanations and live advice!
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