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Splash Gel – Water Effect 2185

Splash Gel – Water Effect

Specially designed clear acrylic gel to replicate moving water, waves and splashes with a realistic finish. It is perfect for achieving a depth effect and realistic watercolor that makes it ideal for naval dioramas or scenery with smaller aquatic features such as streams and puddles.

Splash gel dries in 24 hours, although it may be more or less depending on the thickness of the application.

The consistency is thick enough to be poured on all kinds of surfaces, even on slopes. It is recommended to apply in thin layers, adding more layers if necessary. You can shape the surface as it dries using old brushes, sculpting tools or toothpicks to create ridges of water waves, waterfalls and rough seas, among others.

It can be diluted with either water or acrylic thinner to change the consistency and mixed with other products in the same range or small amounts of acrylic inks to slightly modify the color.

Content: 30 ml

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