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10 classic lamps with LED lights 67689ES

10 classic lamps with LED lights

Classic street lamps fully assembled in black hard plastic with wire and resistance for Plug and Play use.
You can connect them to any power source between 3 V and 18 V (weak 3V light, 12V bright light).
These lamps will look great with 9-12 Volts of power supply.

If you are not good with electricity, you can simply use them without turning them on;)

Resistance: 1.5 kΩ, 1 / 4W
Wire length: 15 cm + 15 cm
Best scale: 28 mm Alternative valid scales: 25-54 mm
Total height: 8.5 cm
Content: 10 classic streetlights with lights

– Use a lighter to peel the wires when needed. Do not expose for too long to the fire, otherwise the entire LED will burn.
– Use brass rods or tubes (LINK) to conduct electricity.

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