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AK INTERACTIVE: CONSTRUCTION FOAM thickness 10mm and 6mm – BLUE FOAM 195 x 295MM (1 sheet x size) AK8098


This blue polystyrene can be used to create various structural elements of a vignette or diorama, such as walls, buildings, ruins, pebbles and other types of sidewalks, etc.- It can be cut into the required shape with the help of a cutter.- It can be glued with PVA adhesive.- You can sculpt the surface with the help of the AK9005 toolset to simulate bricks, stones or wood. The surface can also be molded using a molding roller.- The surface can be sanded.- We recommend covering the surface with an acrylic primer to improve the adhesion of additional coats of paint products and scents for aging. This material is cut with a hot thread. The surface can have dents and shape irregularities, which can be smoothed by sanding.

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