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Combine the features and advantages of carved clay with the adhesive power of epoxy resin! Its smooth and putty-like texture is easy to mix and use. It adheres to almost any surface and is great for sculpting, beautifying, gluing and filling almost everything. Accept paints, stains, mica powders and more for a variety of finishing options. Sanding, tapping, drilling, carving, turning, etc. after assembly without chips, cracks or flaking. Crafts and hobbies: sculpture, embellishment, jewelry, glass art, texture stamps, molds, doll making, home/school projects, hobby patterns, miniatures, horse models, woodworking, etc. Design, model making and special effects – Create and add to kits/templates; fill and cover seams and armor; glue, fabricate or extend parts; prototypes; props; customization of the aquarium; outdoor exhibitions, theme parks; scenographic applications; wildlife art … and more! Be creative with your uses!

How to use:

Wear disposable gloves. Measure equal parts A and B.
Stir and knead for 2 minutes until a uniform color is obtained.
Working time 1-3 hours. Self-hardening (without firing) complete polymerization in 24 hours for a semi-glossy and rock-hard finish.
Cleaning: soap and water or Aves Safety Solvent.

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