Colle21 Epoxy Putty is A REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT STRONGER THAN GLUE EASIER THAN WELDING With built-in hardener. Glue, seal, replace, seal, adhere to all surfaces, even porous ones. Effective on all materials: wood, concrete, glass, hard plastic, hard rubber, PVC… In 1 minute, make permanent repairs. 30 minutes after application, it is as hard as steel. Colle21-Bouche epoxy sealant and seals anything that leaks. It can restore a broken part. Epoxy putty can be: drilled, tapped, ground, sanded, sawn or painted… Colel21 epoxy putty is ELECTRICAL INSULATION. Sold individually Color “light gray” after drying. Welds, glues, repairs, clogs, adheres to all materials: iron, aluminum, concrete, ceramic, plastic, glass, stone and wood. Easy to install: hard as stone in 30 minutes Incredible resistance: to heat (121°C), vibration, hydrocarbons, chemicals, corrosion. Exceptional adhesion: acts anywhere, seals and seals pipes, tanks, sinks, etc.

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