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Foamboard 5 mm – foam panel 5 mm

These boards are incredibly versatile and their dense foam construction will give you a cleaner cut and optimal support for your creations.

The dense foam section is inserted between two layers of thin papers, which allow ink, paint and toppers to easily adhere to the surface compared to a more porous foam surface. It can be painted, decorated and nailed. Add a thin layer of PVA glue before coating to reduce and almost remove the low porosity of this material.

The internal foam can be easily texturized by hand or with texturized bricks. We recommend the use of bricks with simple textures such as bricks, pebbles, flooring and popsicles.

Basic scratch-proof material for all dioramas and scratch-proof builds.

Size: 200 x 300 mm.
Thickness: 5 mm
Quantity 2 sheets

13 in stock

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