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Scratch markers

The different bristles available make these scratch brushes a very versatile tool, useful for the most difficult cleaning tasks and to create scratch effects on figures and dioramas, among other uses.

Convenient and convenient to hold. The brushes are available with 5 different types of bristles; brass, fiberglass, soft nylon, hard nylon and stainless steel. The bristles are retractable, so just turn the cap to extend or retract them, depending on the task at hand. This also gives them a long working life as you can cut off worn tips and still have fresh bristles available.

They are excellent for removing remnants of carved stucco from tools and textured bricks. Also used for atmospheric alteration techniques such as Chipping-Mediums, Chipping Fluids, Hairspray Technique and others. The metal bezel improves durability.

Total Length: 12cm (4-1/2″)

* Brush refills are also available in spare packages

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