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Silicone molds – cemetery KIT 3112

GSW introduces a revolutionary way to create scenarios with these silicone molds. Skilfully demonstrated these molds allow endless pieces of stone construction to be produced.

The parts were very carefully designed to produce fully detailed pillars, walls, roofs, windows, arches, and doors in a way that can be combined without sacrificing architectural rigor.

These molds produce all the parts needed to build walls, castles, fortresses, monasteries, convents, and anything you can think of with this type of architecture.

All parts and their functions are carefully explained in the included instruction manual to help you with your projects.

Compatible with acrylic resin (especially recommended), UV resins, polyurethane resin and epoxy resin.

Scale 1:48 (Wargames)
Contains: 3x silicone molds

In the case of using acrylic resin, to prevent thinner pieces from splitting during demoulding, it is recommended to increase the % of acrylic resin to 50/50.
Also, remember that in cold environments the minimum drying time of acrylic resin increases to 1-2 hours depending on the temperature. Drying times can accelerate in hot environments.

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