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Silicone Moulds – Columns and capitals 584ES 2698

Silicone Moulds – Columns

High-quality food grade semi-transparent silicone column mold, which allows the creation of both complete columns and column fragments. It includes several pieces of pillars in different architectural styles: Doric, Ionic and Solomonic, or even combinations of all of them. Valid both for realistic modeling or hobby creations, and for architecture. Scales from about 1:48 (wargames) to 1:35.

These molds are heat resistant, up to 240ºC and very durable. The molds work very well with any type of resin, although for a longer service life we recommend the use of acrylic resin (LINK). Wait until the material is completely hardened before removing the parts. Other materials such as milliput, milliput mixed with plastelines, magic sculpt and others also work but are more difficult to use. We recommend the use of scrapers (LINK) to remove excess putty/clay from the molds without damaging them.

Includes 1 mold for columns of size 6×12 cm
Column diameter 20 mm

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