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Roll Maker Set – XL version 69263ES

Roll Maker is the ultimate tool to make all kinds of pipes, tentacles and threads to be used with any type of mastic or clay.

Depending on the material to be sculpted, it may be necessary to repeatedly wet the plates or fingers with a little water to reduce viscosity. Adding borotalco to water can help with some stuccoes like Green Stuff.

Use a toothbrush to remove any residue from the plates if necessary, and never use metal brushes or metal tools as the plates may be damaged.

Roll Maker XL will allow you to make tentacles up to 75 mm in length without joints, and is also combinable with the standard version of Roll Maker, since all plates are of different sizes. The guide bars are now stackable to allow you to make thicker pieces such as columns or trees.

This set includes:
2 large plates – XL version
2 curved plates – XL version
2 small plates – XL version
2 stackable guide bars. Use them to keep the dishes and to get an extra 45º position for new textures.

This tool will give you endless possibilities.

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