Barbed Wire Model

5 meters of simulated barbed wire or barbed wire, ideal for making barbed wire models in any scale from 28 mm (1/48) to 54 mm (1/35). You can wrap it, wrap it between matches, cocktail sticks or metal wire poles to create weaves, or glue it to the top of walls and fences for “industrial” environments.

Cut the desired length with a tronchese or pliers.
Wrap it around a rod of appropriate diameter according to the necessary scale, to make barbed wire coils.
The rope between the poles to create weaves of barbed wire; you can use bits of cocktail sticks or matches for wooden poles or folded metal poles.
As a rough guide, the pole at waist height should be about half the height of a figure on the ladder you’re using.

This set contains 5 meters (16 feet) of simulated barbed wire suitable for all stairs.
Thickness of 0.75 mm

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