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SIMULATED BARBED WIRE – 1/48-1/52 (30mm) 5312ES

Barbed Wire Model

5 meters of simulated barbed wire or barbed wire, ideal for making barbed wire models at any scale from (1/48) to (1/52). You can roll it up, stick it between matches, cocktail sticks or wire poles to create tangles or glue it to the top of walls and fences for industrial environments. The wire arrives WITHOUT winding. Wire thickness 0.7 mm

This set contains 5 meters (16 feet) of simulated barbed wire.

Cut the desired length with cutters or pliers.
Wrap it around a rod of appropriate diameter according to the necessary scale, to form rolled coils of barbed wire.
The twine between the poles to make tangles of barbed wire; you can use pieces of cocktail sticks or matches for wooden poles or bent metal poles.

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