Shipping Cost, solutions for all of you
Dioramapresepe, offers worldwide shipping service

with different economic solutions (but slower) or more expensive (but with a higher speed of course).

You can select a shipping method, according to your needs from the cart (once you have put all the material you need, but above all you like)

ITALY different solutions for Italy of course (I’m Italian)


Based on my decades of experience, I have included two very practical and functional shipping methods for friends of the European community, one slower but cheaper and the other faster but at an affordable cost.



For friends outside the European Union, I have selected 4 shipping methods all very valid and used for a decade, also in this case there are cheaper and slower shipments and faster shipments.If you noticed I have posted a special shipment ( very expensive, which is rarely used) is recommended for large orders and with an important speed in receiving the goods, for example for a job that must be finished absolutely very quickly for an important project.

shipping rest of the world

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