The cribs made by me

Fabio Modeo Present….


Below you can view photos of some cribs I made. To book a custom crib write us an email to

2015/2016 diorama nativity scene with the sea.

This year the diorama has the peculiarity of the sea, I hope you like it.
ps: the photos do not do justice to the Diorama

Diorama Nativity 2016/2017

Diorama Nativity 2016/2017 Hello friends again this year with little time available it was possible to realize this diorama of 5.60 meters deep and 5.10 meters wide, in short enough for the time available, so I had to neglect many things, I’ll make up next year, hoping to do something much nicer !!!

The trees are all handmade by me, and in fact in the online shop of this site you can buy lots of very nice things to enrich the sets.

For any clarification, you can find it via mail or by phone 3453409458

Diorama Nativity by Mauro Signorelli and Fabio Modeo

This diorama was built in 4 hands, or yes I, that Mauro Signorelli of Galliate, we created with our creative way, this Palestinian diorama. I hope you enjoy the photos

Miniature Diorama

Rest during the escape:

Rest during the flight to Egypt:

Open table cribs:

Popular crib many years ago

Diorama Nativity 2010-2011

Simple navity:

Nativity in the cave:

Miniature Nativity with Sunset:

Nativity in Bethlehem:

Mini search for popular accommodation:

Popular Egypt mini escape:

Jesus the divin worker:

Jesus among the children:

Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well:

Escape to Egypt in particular:

Particular diorama:

Annunciation diorama among animals

Diorama “the first post” Rites of Holy Week.

hi friends this is the diorama I made in a short time. It comes from Holy Week in Taranto.

Many statues are missing, but being late for delivery, it will remain as it is.

An alley of old tarando (a bit personalized) made for 12 cm statues to climb

Obviously I hope you enjoy it.

Crib / diorama 2012/2013

Diorama 2013 Living Bethlehem (Nativity in Bethlehem)

Diorama Nativity 2014/2015

Diorama Nativity 2014/2015 This is my Palestinian crib, work time: I spent a little 2 months

Statues made by Domenico Rossano

Soon I will insert more photos with the crib of Domenico Rossano (with the help of other members of living Bethlehem) instead of the frame of the diorama there will be the crib, it is difficult to explain then with the photos you will understand ….. a new way of doing the crib all measures 5 meters and 30 by 4 meters.

A note, all the vegetation is done as usual by me by hand, and if you are interested, you can contact me to let you build any type of tree on request. for all the info.

Video of the nativity scene in 2017 with Alba effect (or sunset in some ways ….)