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Teloxis aristata for modeling and crib

I sell Teloxis Aristata for modeling, crib or belenism Teloxis aristata sheet: Teloxis Aristata PROFESSIONALE: CLEAN BRANCHES and not full of impurities (branches to be thrown out that cannot be used) as they usually sell in Italy The largest quantity on the market at this affordable price. The branches are chosen one by one by […]

Olive tree for plastic diorama nativity scenes

Olive tree for plastic diorama nativity scenes On request I produce olive trees, pine trees, cypresses and much more on any scale, suitable for all types of characters. For info, just ask, how? filling in the form below. For info and price modeofabio@gmail.com 3453409458 SHOP ONLINE Special offer SHOP height 2 cm  height 3 cm  […]

Thyme for nativity scene or diorama

Thyme plants suitable for nativity scenes or dioramas SHOP ONLINE THYME seed dried by natural process at the foot of Etna, ideal for making composition for ornamental objects or for the Nativity scene. It can be used naturally or in combination with teloxis and synthetic foliage. The foliage can be glued with transparent spray glue […]

Trees and more

Trees for the nativity scene Pino Marittimo or Mediterraneo for the Crib. Hi, my friends are cribs and not, I show you my handmade pine trees. These trees do not need maintenance (watering them, pruning etc …) because they are built by me with materials that last for decades over time. To place an order […]

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